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Our future as a democracy is only as secure as our refusal to tolerate the destabilisation of the state and our unyielding defence of the Constitution, the foundational creed of this nation and the supreme law of the land. 

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Conference paper for democratic renewal and change

The Conference Paper for a Democratic Renewal and Change is a discussion document. This call for comment serves to gather all input made by all members of the public and sectors of society. The suggestions, views and expressions made in this document do not reflect the complete stance of the Defend Our Democracy Campaign. The discussion document serves to convene and facilitate conversation on democratic renewal and change. The suggestions and discussions made in  the paper are intended to probe and ignite public debate on what a reimagined democratic and renewed political system could potentially look like. Interested parties are requested to submit written comments on the proposed Conference Paper for Democratic Renewal and Change, by filling in this form, also linked below The Conference paper covers the following broad areas: – The concept of Constitutional Democracy – Weakening of and threats to our Constitutional Democracy – The need to defend our democracy – What should be done to protect our Constitution In the build up to the Conference on Democratic Renewal and Change, set to take place in June, facilitated workshops on the Conference Paper will take place across the country. Details on these facilitated workshops will be shared in the near future. If you would like to facilitate a workshop in your community, please fill in this form. *Please note: Where a respondent does not feel the need to make response / comment, feel free to leave the comment section blank. However, we do appeal to you, that you fill in this form as comprehensively as possible. For further information on the planned Conference for Democratic Renewal and Change, contact Please send any further comments on this Discussion Paper, and any other ideas and suggestions you may have, to by 31 May 2022. Thank you. Defend Our Democracy Campaign Team